What we do

In the area of liquid investments, we provide a wide range of investment advisory strategies with an emphasis on bespoke individual basis. We advise construction of optimally diversified portfolios, mainly focusing on equity and fixed income. Our advisory mandates offer the benefits of proactive investment advice, tailor made strategies with specific objectives, regular portfolio analysis and reports detailing asset allocations and performance. Our investment style is based on fundamental analysis. We predominantly target European equity and fixed income markets with an overlap to global, well established companies.


The philosophy underpinning our equity advisory services is built on the following principles: maintaining longer-term investment horizon, conducting our own research, and employing rigorous price discipline. Our advisory approach is research-intensive, recommendations are based on fundamental analysis of individual companies and understanding of industrial and economic cycles by the team of investment professionals at Verdi.

Fixed Income

Our fixed income advisory strategy is to construct high quality, diversified portfolios of securities that are selected through a bottom-up credit intensive analysis. We believe that by combining fundamental research with a long-term investment horizon we can unlock inefficiencies in both valuations of individual securities and certain market segments.

We seek out opportunities in form of direct private equity investments focusing on various sectors including renewable energy, technology, IT and biotech in Central Europe. We invest in perspective businesses with an innovative edge. We support strong managements in need of growth capital and ability to drive the business to the next level. Our value added is to drive the invested companies performances to achieve a global reach with no specific exit requirements as our money is invested with longer time horizon.

Green Horizon Renewables (GHR) is a Prague based Private Equity firm focused on investments in renewable energy across Europe. GHR is a part of a Family office and includes BHM Group. It utilizes the expertise of the larger team.

Established in 2015, GHR has made several investments and holds around 300 MW portfolio of solar and wind asset in Central Europe and the Nordics. In 2017 GHR acquired a majority share in Winda Power Oy, a leading developer of wind farms in Finland. GHR currently developes a portfolio of 260 MW in wind portfolio with an ultimate goal of further developing, constructing, and operating assets throughout the Nordic countries.

We provide advice and solutions tailored to our client’s specific requirements, including:

  • structuring client’s assets, whether they are financial investments, real estate or business assets by creating an appropriate legal entity
  • ensuring that the client’s asset management instruments are appropriate to short-, medium- or long-term objectives
  • creation of legal and tax structures, to protect and capitalize on our client’s wealth